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Return Policy

Return Policy: (Please refer to the proper section for specific return policy for your product category)Toys (Not R/C Hobby items):  Returns of unopened, unused items within 30 days of purchase will be accepted for inspection after receiving an appropriate Return Authorization.   Please note that shipping costs will be incurred on returns if free shipping was giving at the time of purchase. Also, return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Please review the following: Toys, Plastic Model Kits, Craft/Art Supplies, Trains, Slot Car Items - items that have been opened or may be defective, these may be returned within 30 days with a Return Authorization. Once received they will be replaced or refunded with your instruction. In all circumstances, products must be returned in a resalable condition and packaging to be accepted for return. (does not apply to defective items) If a defective return is made and upon inspection it was not defective, we reserve the right to return your item and not accept the return. Special note for Lego Buyers: directed to Lego collectors: All Lego products shown are in-store, on shelf condition, box condition will vary. Some make have slight marks, theft control tags and/or clear tape on some boxes. This will not affect the Lego toy customer since all products are new, unopened. Therefore, as of 10/20/2013 there is no guarantee of box condition, since these are not to being listed as collectibles. No returns will be allowed due to box conditions 

For Radio Controlled Hobbies - (Cars, Trucks, Planes, Quad (aka Drones), Helicopters, Boats and Tanks) The return policy does not allow for a return of any product once flown, driven, fueled or charged. In the rare event of a defective item, we may assist you with the manufacturer in having the item repaired or replaced. Your purchase on this website of these items constitutes agreement with this policy. The is absolutely no crash warranties under any circumstances. If unopened, unused, unflown and/or not driven, you may request a Return Authorization within 7 days of receipt of your product. Once returned and inspected, credit will be issued. However, if any evidence of flight, missing components or any other issue demonstrating this was used in any manner, the item will be returned to you with shipping costs incurred to you.  Any item returned without a proper Return Authorization is subject to disposal.

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